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Bringer Corporation was founded in April of 1983 with the objective of being fully dedicated to providing excellence in worldwide transportation services. The expertise in the transportation field has placed Bringer among the best. The foundation of these services are based upon a dedicated team with the sole purpose of serving the customer in the most accurate and professional manner, handling each shipment with a personal touch. Bringer is selected by the largest cargo agents to transport their shipments to several world-wide destinations.

Bringer Air Cargo is a Miami based Full Cargo carrier with a strong focus on destinations in Latin and South America and the Carribean as well.

Bringer Air Cargo bases its services completely on airfreight transportation companies trusted and used by leading major logistics companies all over the world.

Bringer Air Cargo has an indisputable experience in complicated handling and transportation of live animals, project freighter materials and perishables, which are defined as goods that, when not maintained under certain conditions or elements, or when their life cycle is exceeded, they lose their inherent properties or the essential qualities of their components.


Prefix : 417

Airline code : E6



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Types of cargo
FraFragile cargo MagMagnetized material AviLive animals VunVulnerable cargo DgrDangerous goods WetWet cargo ValValuable cargo Big/HeaOutsized cargo/Heavy cargo HumHuman remains PerPerishable cargo
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