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Hong Kong Airlines Ltd, formerly CR Airways Limited, is a Hong Kong-based airline, with its main hub and corporate head office at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline operates scheduled regional passenger and cargo services to 10 destinations within the People's Republic of China and Vietnam, including codeshares with its sister airline, Hong Kong Express Airways.

The airline was founded as CR Airways by Robert Yip on 28 March 2001 and began helicopter passenger charter operations. Mainland Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines and Mr Mung Kin Keung took over the airline in 2006 by acquiring 45 percent and 55 percent holdings in the airline, respectively. The airline officially changed its name to Hong Kong Airlines Limited on 28 November 2006 and introduced a new logo representing a bauhinia flower, a Hong Kong native flower.

In April 2005, the Hong Kong Air Transport Licensing Authority (ATLA) granted a five-year license to transport passengers, cargo and mail to China; the airline was free to apply for traffic rights to 10 cities in China. In addition, the airline had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purchase of 10 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 30 Boeing 737–800s on 20 December 2005.

On 27 June 2006, Hainan Airlines purchased a 45 percent holdings of the airline and the holdings would be transferred to Grand China Air, a new holding company of Hainan Airlines. Two months later, Mr Mung Kin Keung acquired the remaining 55 percent of the airline and became the controlling shareholder on 7 August; and its director on 13 August. On 22 September 2006, CR Airways Limited officially changed its name to Hong Kong Airlines Limited and a launch ceremony took place on 28 November. The airline also introduced a new logo, which represents a bauhinia flower, the symbol of Hong Kong where the airline is anchored. The new logo also represents the close relationship between the airline and Hong Kong and its new era in the civil aviation industry. The airline made the biggest aircraft order in its young history on 21 June 2007, by ordering 51 narrow- and wide-body aircraft from Airbus, at an estimated value of US$5.6 billion. The airline's IATA code was changed from N8 to HX on 27 May 2007.

On 22 October 2010, Hong Kong Airlines officially joined the IATA.


A320, A330, A332F

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Types of cargo
FraFragile cargo MagMagnetized material AviLive animals VunVulnerable cargo DgrDangerous goods WetWet cargo ValValuable cargo Big/HeaOutsized cargo/Heavy cargo HumHuman remains PerPerishable cargo
Flight № Flight Days Departure time Arrival time Duration
7L-217 / 7L-647 ****5** 17:30 6:00(+2) 31:30