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1,000 days and one
"1,000 Days of the Line" Celebration in TLV

Silkway West Airline celebrated in Tel-Aviv 1,000 days of the Line TLV-BAK. Hundreds of clients, agents, officials and simply friends came to congratulate high-ranking managers of the Air Company at magic marquee, miraculously assembled in the center of the cargo zone of the Ben-Gurion Airport!

Same-day delivery to Tokyo!
Finally, since 14.01.2016 sales to Tokyo starts.

Incredible same-day delivery from TLV to NRT on Silk Way West freighter! 

Deparure from Israel on Fri (or Tue) with assured arrival on Fri flight at final destination! 

Continental America DDP delivery
Unitag covers America

Unitag starts sales to USA, covering all the territory via JFK airport, including DDP shipments. Such solution also applies to temperature-controlled cargoes, including pharmaceuticals.

Second regular cargo flight TLV-BAK
Silk Way West Airlines starts its second weekly B747-8F flight to Israel

Since end of October 2015, Silk Way West Airlines starts the second weekly flight.

Spick and span B747-800F takes off each D2 at 18:00.

From now on, the cargo freighter line TLV-BAK became much more reliable with two weekly regular flights!

BULGARIA AIR has chosen Unitag
Starting December 1st, 2014, Unitag adds BULGARIA AIR to the list of representing carriers.

Bulgaria Air operates two weekly flight from Sofia to Tel Aviv. First flight during Monday morning and second flight at Thursday.

The Israeli flights are operated by Airbus 319 aircrafts with capacity of 1500 kg per flight.

If addition to the direct Tel Aviv – Sofia flight, Bulgarian Air can offer attractive connections to European destinations such as Moscow, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and much more.

UNITAG will represent TNT Airways in Israel
Unitag Ltd, a top-quality professional GSA provider in Israel, announced together with TNT Airways, a Belgium flag cargo carrier based in Liege Belgium, that UNITAG has been chose by TNT Airways as their GSA in TLV Israel.

TNT Airways, a subsidiary of TNT Express (an international express company with HQ in the Netherlands), is a worldwide cargo operator founded in 1999.

The company operate freighter flights to main destinations worldwide as Shanghai, Hong Kong , New York, Singapore , Dubai and more.

 "TNT bring UNITAG to new destinations. We are thrilled and happy from TNT Airways decision. UNITAG is emerging force in the Israeli market and airlines are recognize it and want to be a part of our growth. Our abilities to give our customers, the forwarding agents, larger destinations cover for the largest and biggest packages and in the most competitive rates and elite service" said Mor Goldfinger, Vice President for UNITAG Ltd. "Everyone knows our service from the on line carriers we represent as Silkway, Transaero, UT AIR, Ural airways and Belavia. We are bringing more and more destinations throw the offline carriers to our customers".

 The main activity of UNITAG those days is Silkway on line freighter activity. UNITAG develop this activity and intend to increase the online activity to twice a week on the winter schedule as well as to increase the capacity to 747 activity.

UNITAG also started to sell Import shipments ex Silkway origins to TLV and they are developing also this niche.